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10 April

Happy 90th Birthday, Doris Day!

Whatever happened to Doris Day? After many decades of avoiding the limelight, Miss Day decided that her recent 90th birthday party was an appropriate occasion to make a long-awaited public appearance! Party guests were surprised and delighted, and began singing her signature song, “Que Sera, Sera,” as she was led to her seat. Miss Day refused to leave until she had greeted, shook hands and posed for pictures with each and every fan in attendance. Even more delightful is the fact that, in honor of her birthday, contributors raised over $90,000 for her animal welfare foundation!

The lovely singer and award-winning actress began her career in 1939, as a big band songstress. Her beauty and popularity led to films where she starred with Tony Randall, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, and other big-name leading men. Doris Day became one of Hollywood’s most successful stars of the 50s and 60s, known for her wholesome movie roles. When cultural changes brought about more sexually-themed film offers, “the world’s oldest virgin” held tight to her own moral code, even rejecting the plum role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. She experienced some rocky times in her personal life, leading her to retreat from the spotlight and settle into a quiet existence in Carmel-By-The-Sea. Since then, Miss Day has focused almost solely on her passion of animal welfare. The staunch supporter founded her own pet foundations and has devoted her life to partnering with other organizations in defense of animal cruelty, even lobbying Congress in support of legislation to protect animal rights.

Join us as we thank Miss Doris Day for providing us with so many wonderful memories, and wish her many more years of health, happiness and success!


04 April

3D Movies - 3 Times The Excitement?

It seems that every few weeks or so, another studio comes out with a 3D "blockbuster." I counted 23 to come in the remaining months of this year alone, with almost as many already slated for release in 2015 & beyond. See the list:

While 3D movies are becoming more commonplace, they're still pretty entertaining. But you have to admit, nothing compares to the thrill you felt the first time you sat in front of a huge screen where the images seemed to jump out at you! If you were around in 1953, you might remember the premiere of the very first color 3D movie, House Of Wax. Besides being very successful at the box office, the movie launched the career of Vincent Price, joining Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr., and many more whose names are synonymous with horror movies.

With all the technological innovations in computer generating, today’s movie theater experience can be pretty exhilarating. The genre has seen a lot of changes, but to me, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned scary movie to get the heart pumping and the adrenalin flowing! Best benefit to watching them at home? You can pull the blankets up around your face during the scary parts -- try doing THAT at the theater!

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28 March

Coke Celebrates 128 Years Of Refreshment!

Here’s an interesting tidbit – Coca-Cola actually began as WINE in the 1800s! Dr. John Pemberton of Atlanta advertised his “French Wine Coca” as a medical treatment for nervousness, irregularity, and other ailments. But in 1886, a temperance movement in Atlanta forced him to change the Wine recipe. On March 29, 1886, Pemberton brewed the first batch of his non-alcoholic version, which he later named Coca-Cola. Using trial and error, he decided that mixing carbonated water with the base syrup was the key to the most “delicious, refreshing and exhilarating” beverage—and the world agrees! Raise your glass (or bottle, or can!) in honor of Coke’s 128th anniversary!

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17 March

Happy Birthday, Quincy Jones!

As a man of amazing talents (record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television producer, film producer, instrumentalist, magazine founder, record company executive, humanitarian, and jazz trumpeter—whew!) Quincy Jones’s career spans 6 decades in the entertainment industry. Among his many accolades, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century, received 79 Grammy Award nominations and 27 wins, received 7 Oscar nominations and one win, and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013. Jones may be best known for his collaboration with Michael Jackson, producing the singer’s albums Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad, as well as producing and conducting the charity song “We Are The World.” For a definitive list of all he’s accomplished, go here:

Today, Quincy Jones is 81 years old and still very involved in the arts. Recently he’s been working on new Broadway shows, and next month he’ll appear at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival. He stays busy with the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium, his philanthropic organization that promotes music education in US schools. What else keeps him busy? Last year he told a columnist, “I have 22 girlfriends.” Where does he find the time? He should get an award for that!

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06 March

Mustang Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

With production beginning on March 9, 1964, Ford Motors rolled out the 1965 Mustang five months before the start of the usual production year. Now commonly referred to as a 1964½, the new car was unveiled in April at the New York World’s Fair, with the very first one purchased on April 15 by a young woman in Chicago who still owns it!

For decades, Mustangs have been a popular fixture on film. You’ve seen them in Goldfinger (first-ever!) and Diamonds Are Forever, Bullitt, both Gone In Sixty Seconds movies, Transformers, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and even a “futuristic” flying 2015 Mustang in Back To The Future II! (You’ll get to see a REAL 2015 Mustang in Need For Speed, which arrives in theaters mid-month!) TV has also featured the popular pony car—who could forget Farrah Fawcett’s white & blue Cobra II from Charlie’s Angels, or KITT in the Knight Rider spin-offs? In 1973, even Batman drove around in a 1973 Mach I in the DC comic book!

Clearly, our love affair with the Mustang is still going strong--and why not? Fast and stylish, always on the cutting edge... it’s what the spirit of American cars is all about!

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20 February

Wishing Away Winter

Although I live in Florida and haven’t been really affected, in other parts of the country, this brutal winter just seems to go on and on! From the morning paper to the evening news and all over social media, we’ve been deluged with images and stories of massive snowfalls, traffic snarls, and frigid temperatures in previously-unheard-of negative numbers. Enough already! Since Mother Nature is not cooperating, we’ll have to segue our way into spring all on our own – in our minds!

Let your thoughts turn to garden parties and beach outings, green grass and blue skies! Visualize in your mind’s eye: sand castles instead of salt trucks, garden spades instead of snow shovels, barbecue grills instead of space heaters! Put away that hot cocoa mix and make yourself a milkshake! Punxatawney Phil has been wrong before! Let’s see if we can manifest it with power of positive thinking—are you with me? All you have to lose is the winter blues!

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06 February

Beatlemania Revisited

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion, when The Beatles first set foot on American soil. Were you among the crowd that went wild as the Beatles arrived at NY’s Kennedy Airport on Feb. 7, 1964? Were you one of the 74 million people who watched them perform to screaming fans on February 9--and again on February 23--on The Ed Sullivan Show? If so, then you remember the moment Beatlemania hit US shores!

During the next 6 months, those lads from Liverpool became a household name. Fan hysteria hit new heights with each performance. Their singles and albums sold millions, and at one point in April 1964, all 5 top singles in the US were Beatles songs. And then there was the movie! We just couldn’t get enough.

And so it went, until they disbanded in 1970. Fans watched, waited and hoped against hope for a reunion that didn’t happen. And obviously, after John was killed and George passed away, it never would. It was really and truly over. But if you watched the Grammys “Salute to the Beatles” on January 26, 2014, you saw Dhani Harrison perform one of his father’s most famous tunes, and Paul and Ringo reunite in this fan’s dream-come-true moment.

Add to that the sight of Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon dancing along in the audience, and you took away another wonderful memory in Beatles history--and the realization that it’s NOT over!

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23 January

TV Guide's All-Time Favorites Rank High With Us, Too!

In celebration of their 60th anniversary, TV Guide came out with their own picks for the 60 greatest TV series of all time. How difficult that process must have been! Of course, there were a few no-brainers—I Love Lucy, MASH, Seinfeld, Hill Street Blues… Many of the series they picked launched the careers of today’s hottest stars. Who knew George Clooney before ER? Jennifer Aniston before Friends? Ryan Seacrest before American Idol? And let's not forget all the incredible talent that came out of the long-running Saturday Night Live!

These days, there are so many other choices, such as phone apps, computer programs, video games, DVDs, streaming movies, etc., that folks don’t need to sit in front of the television to be entertained. The networks know, if they choose to air a weekly series, it better be a good one! A few of the exceptional “newer” shows still in production did make the cut—we love The Big Bang Theory, Mad Men and Survivor--but for the most part, the list was comprised of shows that we can only see in syndication, if at all. Take a stroll down TV’s Memory Lane here:

Did your favorite make the cut?

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17 January

100 Years Old And Proud Of It!

This year marks the 100th birthday of the Johnson Smith Company, our parent company. Believe it or not, it all began in Australia! You can read about the company’s history at Remaining in business for 100 years is quite an accomplishment, and we are proud to have been featured in a recent article in The New Yorker magazine!

At the Johnson Smith Company, our commitment to offering the most unique merchandise at guaranteed low prices, along with excellent customer service, has kept us successfully operating for over a century. And we certainly could not have done it without you, our devoted customers! In appreciation, we’re celebrating by offering items all year long at the anniversary price of $19.14, so be sure to check back often to take advantage of these special discounts. And again, thank you so much for your loyal patronage!

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